Cinnovate Access Control

The security in a building stands or falls by determining who can  access the building and all the areas inside. Cinnovate access control is a robust, online controllable and flexible system for every door, barrier, fence or gate.

Cinnovate access control is very user-friendly. The user holds the electronic access control key in the vicinity of a card reader that will read the secure code from the key. The wireless operation makes Cinnovate access control a safe, user-friendly and vandal-proof solution for closing every type of residential building.


A secure and affordable access control system for your building


Everything can be managed online. New or lost keys can be added or removed using a easy to use webinterface. Access times and profiles can also be registered. The user always has an up-to-date overview of the electronic keys in circulation.

The system is fully IP which gives the user the possibility to manage the acces control system no matter where he or she is. Whether this is online via the internet, an analog telephone line or a GSM connection.

The handy wireless access system ensures that people with disabilities can easily open their own door. Like the residents of WoonMere.

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For housing corporation Rochdale, dozens of flats in Amsterdam, Zaandam and Purmerend are equipped with a vandal-proof and remotely managed Cinnovate access control system.

With the help of just one mangement tool both the access control system and the video intercom system can be managed remotely by Woonbouwvereniging Woonmensen.

Cinnovate for flats

Flexible in management, safe and vandal resistant

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The Cinnovate access control system is ideally suited to use in flats and apartment buildings. With Cinnovate, the housing association creates a safe living environment for their residents. In addition, those residents can easily and quickly request new keys and are responsible for their own front door. Lost keys can easily be blocked. The access control system can also be mounted in such a way its vandal-proof.

Access control in healthcare

Easy to use and safe

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Staying as independent as possible for as long as possible is the motto in healthcare and that is also increasingly the case for residents who live in an institution. Then it is very useful that residents can, despite their limitations, open their doors independently. Without the help of a Caregiver. Cinnovate access control is very user-friendly. Keep the electronic key near the reader and the door opens. This is not only easy but also very safe because that way there is always an overview of who can enter.

Flexible office environment

Time registration and online management

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Nowadays office buildings are used more and more flexibly. Because office spaces are increasingly rented out for short-term. Cinnovate access control can easily be used for this purpose. Time registration makes it possible to always see when and at which door an electronic key is used. In addition, access can be automatically controlled through the automatic time zones in the system. The system is therefore continuously online.

About us

Cinnovate is a collection of products and services put on the market by DEA bv. DEA bv is a development agency of applied electronics and focuses in particular on the development of technology for the healthcare sector.

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