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Cinnovate care and welfare

Cinnovate care and well-being main purpose is making people with disabilities largely self-reliant with the help of technology. Whether this limitation is innate, motivated by age or due to an accident.

We have merged our technology into a innovative care system. This care system includes functionalities such as nurse call alarm, telemonitoring, functional domotics, screen to screen communication and telemedicine.


A better quality of life


By supporting people with disabilities using technology in their daily activities, we contribute to the self-sufficiency of these people, their self-esteem and personal development.

The starting point is not technology but quality of life, because in the end it is all about ensuring that everyone can enjoy a happy and dignified life for as long as possible. And preferably in their own familiar living environment with the people in the neighborhood who are dear to them.

Cameras as a sensor and as an alarm verification tool within Cinnovate are used at care organization Vincent van Gogh.

With the help of the Icom, healthcare staff can easily add and remove sensors themselves. Sensors can even be switched between locations, as happens at Care organisation Meander.

Wander detection and prevention using Cinnovate move freely. For example, caregivers are immediately notified if a resident threatens to leave the premises, as is being done at DSV Care.

Nurse call system

Fast, easy and controlled contact

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Nothing is more important than getting the right support quickly if necessary. This certainly applies to people who are vulnerable due to a disability. Cinnovate ensures that these people can ask for help quickly and directly. The Cinnovate nurse call system can deliver alarm messages to health caregivers in many different ways. They can then immediately start a voice connection to hear what is going on and to reassure the customer.


Smart use of sensors

Sensors, cameras and measuring instruments

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Many different sensors can be connected to the Cinnovate system. Both wireless and wired. This could include standard sensors such as motion detectors, necklace transmitters and pull cords. But Cinnovate can also read all kinds of medical equipment such as heart rate monitors, glucose meters and epilepsy sensors. Cameras can be linked as sensors, there are various types of drop detectors and there is a link for smart floors.

Freedom thanks to supervision

Positioning in combination with living circles

Cinnovate, Orion, actor, domotica, verpleegoproepsysteem, duurzaam, energie, besparing

For residents of intramural institutions it is much nicer when doors are open. That gives them a much freer feeling and immediately creates less tendency to leave the building. Cinnovate ensures that people can enjoy this freedom, as caregivers always know where the residents are. Especially when they come to places where that is not allowed. Cinnovate ensures optimal freedom of movement in a safe way.

About us

Cinnovate is a collection of products and services put on the market by DEA bv. DEA bv is a development agency of applied electronics and focuses in particular on the development of technology for the healthcare sector.

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