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Cinnovate Communication

Cinnovate Communication is an IP communication system with very extensive possibilities. From video intercom to video calling. Cinnovate Communication offers one integrated solution for your communication challenges.

Cinnovate Communication can be used as an ordinary telephone system and, combined with a camera, as a video telephony system. Cinnovate Communication is a fully IP system and uses open standards and protocols. Therefor it is easily coupled to other telephony products. This could include telephone exchanges or online telephony platforms.

A flexible and versatile communication system


Cinnovate Communication can also be used as a video door intercom system. This gives residents the opportunity to identify their visitors via image and sound verification before opening the door remotely.

Cinnovate Communication is a safe and pleasant solution thanks to the use of video communication for both internal and external communication. Cinnovate Communication is easy to operate and flexible to set up. Both in terms of functionalities and ease of operation, Cinnovate Communication is innovative and progressive.

Communication between the Cinnovate 22 inch bedside terminals and the smartphones of the caregivers using the Cinnovate Nursecall app.

The vandal-proof touch screen of the Cinnovate video intercom system can be beautifully concealed in window frames such as here at the Maria Foundation in Haarlem.

In case of emergency, a quick contact with a healthcare professional thanks to the Icom nurse call phone that is used at various Cordaan locations.

Cinnovate video door telephony

Safely remotely open the door

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The Cinnovate video door intercom system can be used in buildings where residents want the possibility to open the central entrance door for guests from their home. The convenient vandal-proof door station is easy to use and the integrated camera offers extra safety for the residents. The Cinnovate video door phone system is fully IP based and can therefore be tuned and managed remotely. No more nameplates, everything is digital.

Communication in healthcare

Smartphones, handsets and tablets

Always accessible on various networks

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Cinnovate combines various forms of communication technology in one system. As a result, only one device is needed in the home for all communication applications. Whether this is video door intercom or the nurse call alarm. It is even possible to offer residents the opportunity to call each other. The handy Icom home phone with a 7" touchscreen is easy to operate and can be used completely hands-free for communication.

Cinnovate, Orion, actor, domotica, verpleegoproepsysteem, duurzaam, energie, besparing

Cinnovate is an important part of the communication chain in buildings. In care locations, caregivers often walk through the building with a mobile phone. This can be a smartphone but also a dect handset, wifi dect handset or a tablet. Cinnovate can communicate with all these applications via WiFi, dect and 3G. In addition, Cinnovate supports speaking / listening connections, video streaming and messaging using the Cinnovate nurse call app.

About us

Cinnovate is a collection of products and services put on the market by DEA bv. DEA bv is a development agency of applied electronics and focuses in particular on the development of technology for the healthcare sector.

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