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Cinnovate Domotics

With Cinnovate Domotics we can automate the whole house. From lighting to heating, from sun blinds to kitchen appliances. We can link every modern device in or around the home to our domotics system.

When using domotics, a significant contribution is made to a sustainable lifestyle. It can function as an energy management system and is even able to automatically prevent unnecessary energy consumption by automatically switching off the radio when the TV is switched on. It is also possible to automate a complete lighting plan in the home with the home automation module. For example, based on atmosphere or presence and absence.


We combine home automation, sustainability and independence in a creative and innovative way


The Cinnovate Domotics module can be linked to a large number of sensors and actuators of different brands. Both wireless and wired actuators can be used in combination with the Icom or the MP-Switch. In addition to promoting a sustainable lifestyle, our home automation is also often used for the benefit of people with physical or mental disabilities by adjusting their homes. For people who require a little more support in their daily activities domotics can have an enormous added value.

Although she can not move her hands properly, Chrysanty can still operate the elevator independently. Thanks to the Cinnovate Domotics interface with the elevator installation.

Thanks to Cinnovate Domotics, rehabilitating clients at Sevagram need much less support. The simple operation on the bedside terminal is very accessible to seniors.

Just do not want to walk to the Icom to operate the home automation? No problem via the handy app the home automation can also be controlled from a tablet or smartphone.

Customized home automation

Personal system for each individual

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For people with disabilities, domotics is a huge addition to their quality of life. With the help of home automation, they can often do things themselves where they used to need someone. Light on, curtains open, TV on a different channel and much more. Cinnovate home automation offers a multitude of solutions and all can be tailored to the individual needs of the user. And that also applies to the way the system can be operated, it is tailored to what the user can do.

Lifestyle monitoring

Safe living and a clean environment

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Home automation is increasingly being used to promote a clean environment. For example, to reduce the energy consumption with automatic lighting. Cinnovate domotics goes further than that, because energy consumption or the use of water and gas can say a lot about the state of a person's health. Is someone going to the toilet sufficiently? Does the refrigerator open often enough? Does someone still use electricity? Cinnovate lifestyle monitoring offers a solution.

Combination care and home automation

Prevents accidents

Cinnovate, Orion, actor, domotica, verpleegoproepsysteem, duurzaam, energie, besparing

The moment somebody gets out of bed or walks into the bathroom automatically turns on the light in modest steps prevents accidents. People see nothing in the dark and people can be startled by lighting at once. One of many examples where domotics can support the care process and even have a preventive effect. Home automation also ensures the work for healthcare providers is lighter, and that means more time for personal attention.

About us

Cinnovate is a collection of products and services put on the market by DEA bv. DEA bv is a development agency of applied electronics and focuses in particular on the development of technology for the healthcare sector.

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