18 Apr 2018

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Our Comakers

11 Sep 2018

The new school year has started again so the Cinnovate Technology Center is again full of talented students. Marvin, Ken, Joey and Jeffrey (students from Windesheim Flevoland) will be involved in the project 'Unrest detection' during their Comakership.

At this moment cameras are used to monitor the behavior of clients. These cameras are equipped with smart software to detect undesirable behavior and to guarantee privacy. However, there have been enough examples in the news lately that show that things can go wrong especially in the area of ​​privacy. For example, by storing information locally in the cameras without the privacy software.

In the project unrest detection, students and Cinnovate engineers will investigate whether the unwanted behavior of clients can also be detected with the help of sensors instead of cameras. If that is possible, it would mean that no  technology is needed to be applied that could potentially infringe the privacy of the client.

On their first day today, Marvin, Ken and Joey (Jeffrey unfortunately had a flu) went to work energetically with a new type of motion sensor. We wish the lords a lot of success and, above all, a lot of fun.





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