18 Apr 2018

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Human Technology

17 Sep 2018

Cinnovate offers internships for the new Human Technology training at the RoC van Flevoland. Within this program, students receive not only technical subjects, but also marketing, psychology, information technology, quality assurance and project management.

They learn to research the needs of people and how they can use this in the development of technology, something that is often not given enough attention in existing programs.

At the moment there are 2 students Gino (m) and Renee (v) learning at Cinnovate for a period of 10 weeks. They follow our project leaders and business developer to learn how technology is applied in practice and how Cinnovate involves its target group in its development.



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About us

Cinnovate is a collection of products and services put on the market by DEA bv. DEA bv is a development agency of applied electronics and focuses in particular on the development of technology for the healthcare sector.

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