As a developer of innovative healthcare technology, Cinnovate knows how technology can contribute to the self-reliance and independence of people. In this way we increase the quality of life and save on the costs. That does not, however, relieve our society of its obligation to support vulnerable people in daily life. That is why we prefer to talk about co-ability. Independence where possible, support when necessary. Regardless of where people live, whether in an owner-occupied home or at a healthcare institution, a home must always feel like home.

Clever Innovations for Quality of Life


Our Comakers

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Windesheim's comakers get to work with unrest detection.

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Forever Young Festival 2018 was a great success with 10,000 visitors!

Women in Tech

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Cinnovate wants to offer women and girls more opportunities in the technical sector.

Thebe Langendijk  

Cinnovate at Amsta Ingenhouszhof

HPS-Solutions did the implementation

Cinnovate in combination with smart cameras

Cinnovate, verpleegoproepsysteem, verhuur, maandbedrag, AMR ict, Martha Flora, veiligheid

Ingenhouszhof is the second location owned by Care organization Amsta where Cinnovate is applied. The location features the new Icom 2 carephone in combination with the Cinnovate nurse call app for Android.

Ingenhouszhof is thus equipped with the most comprehensive Cinnovate system for now and in the future. Cinnovate partner HPS-Solutions has done the installation and configuration of the system.

We wish the residents and the care providers a lot of safety, comfort and convenience at this beautiful location.

Icom 2 vooraanzicht alarm icoon.jpg

NCT has introduced an innovative and reliable care alarm system for Thebe in the temporary department of Geriatric Rehabilitation Care.

Together with the treatment team of Thebe and the family, Thebe works on the recovery of the cliënt, with the aim of being able to function as independently as possible.

By applying the combination of Cinnovate with smart cameras, Thebe creates a safe environment for rehabilitation.

New products and projects

Cinnovate supports people with disabilities in daily life with the help of innovative technology. Whether this limitation is motivated by age, an accident or is congenital; Cinnovate offers a combination of solutions that make the lives of people with disabilities easy, safer and more fun. Solutions that make complex technology very easy to operate. Solutions that improve the independence and self-sufficiency of vulnerable people. In short Cinnovate delivers quality of life.

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Cinnovate is a collection of products and services put on the market by DEA bv. DEA bv is a development agency of applied electronics and focuses in particular on the development of technology for the healthcare sector.

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